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What would rap sound like if the lyricist had a degree in creative writing, and decided to tell stories in rhyme over fat beats instead of inside the pages of a paperback?


Ruben’s music journey began in 2016 when he quit his full-time job in credit management at an energy retailer and took it upon himself to learn rap, as he wanted a way to share and engage people with his lyrics.


Ruben became a weekly performer at the legendary ‘Can I Kick It!?’ freestyle open mic night at Horse Bazaar Bar and learnt the art of freestyling alongside some of Melbourne’s best rappers. 


Writing songs with humour, poignancy and optimism, in the flavour of artists such as Nick Cave, Freddie Gibbs, Common, Mac Miller, Andre3000 and Aesop Rock, he became focussed on honing his lyrical craft, performing across Melbourne a staggering 60 times in 6 months. 



In 2019, Ruben formed MAADSTORK with his brother Jack and friend Ki. MAADSTORK has garnered a loyal following, and not just for their alternative take on hip hop, but also for their passion for building up the scene in Melbourne with the multi-act showcases they organise to help lift up other up-and-coming Melbourne musicians.


MAADSTORK made their Australian festival debut at Bohemian Beatfreaks in Queensland in November 2019. 


Ruben is working towards releasing an EP and music videos in the first half of 2022.

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